Cider Mag Winter 2015 Issue 52 - Page 49

Colley: We haven’t written that many songs as a band. Most of the songs we do are reinterpretations of other songs that we like... This band has borrowed from the Morphine catalog and has borrowed from the Delta Blues catalog and borrowed from some Northern African aspects of music. But yeah we really don’t get together other than to get on stage and play, so we don't really write songs for this band as much as saying “Hey have you heard this song? Maybe we can have fun with that." It’s like the “Song of Reptiles” came out of nowhere it was something someone sent us that Jerome maybe sent around or Jeremy sent around… Deupree: Yeah, I write the lyrics to all the instrumental songs. Colley: We all listened to it and started playing Cider Mag: Is playing live where it’s at? Colley: When you're there it is. Otherwise it’s somewhere else. (Lots of laughter.) Deupree: It’s really why we keep doing it. We’re certainly not raking in the big bucks or ya know, we’re not even working that much so it’s completely why we do it. Every week we show up one day a week and let ‘er rip. Cider Mag: I noticed some mixtures of different sounds like jazz and blues and some more exotic African drumming. How has the other music influenced your sound? Deupree: Well, we’re drawing from a pretty wide Deupree: Jeremy is writing some songs. well, you know? I mean I probably bring the most jazz experience to the band. But ya know Jeremy’s got the blues, and Dana has got all of it really. The African stuff sort of ties it all together, you know it's sort of the ultimate roots. Lyons: But I’ve been getting lots of resistance. Colley: The drum is the signature sound of Mor- it. So it’s like the songs sort of materialize out of nowhere and we reinterpret them. write until you get down to actually writing the song--writer's block. phine, you know, in many ways and Jerome was the original drummer so that's his signature sound associated with Morphine when you hear him playing, like the drums on Cure For Pain. Lyons: Yeah, besides writing good songs is hard. Cider Mag: I've seen you play live twice and Cider Mag: It’s like you know what you want to Even writing bad songs is pretty