Cider Mag Winter 2015 Issue 52 - Page 43

Hall: Tubby’s on tour with us right now and I said, “Are you going to be at Cali Roots? I want you to come up on ‘My Beating Heart’,” the song we do, and he said, “Yeah bro, I’m going to try and make it.” So, right before the song I turn to side-stage and say, “Hey, is Tubby here?” and they’re like, “No,” and I’m like, “Damn!” Right when I started the song I hear, “JAH!” and I look over and Tub’s in the stands, and I’m like, “Tubs! Come back! Security, let him come back!” [Laughs] Cider Mag: Any groups playing at Cali Roots that you haven’t seen that you’re really stoked to see? terested in India and it went from there. I’ve been lucky enough to travel there for the last eight years. It totally cascades through the music. It’s such a center point of my life. Cider Mag: Do you listen to a lot of music? Hall: I do. I listen to a lot of Nahko, a lot of Xavier Rudd… Cider Mag: What do you think of Rudd’s new record with The United Nations? Hall: It’s so crazy good. Holy crap. It’s so amazing. Hall: I’ve never seen Blue King Brown as a band. We played with Nattali in Australia for a benefit and she was solo with the two Black Sisters, and so we ran over there and caught them. They’re so powerful. When I’m around them I get so quiet! I’m bummed I’m not staying longer, but it’s the life of a musician… Cider Mag: You show up to play a festival and there are thousands of fans waiting. What’s that like? Hall: We’ve changed a lot over the years, so it’s cool to see the ones that have stuck with us and been patient. Cider Mag: Yeah, when I got Chapter of The For- est [Vanguard, 2014] I was waiting for Everything Everytime Everywhere [Vanguard, 2011], and it wasn’t coming. Then I thought, “Wait, this is Trevor Hall.” Hall: In Chapter of The Forest I felt I was really And I love John Butler Trio. They’re going to blow your socks off. Cider Mag: On your live album, Chasing the finding myself and coming into my sound. It’s an important album for me. Flame [Vanguard, 2010], someone's screaming for “Lime Tree” and you joke, “I don’t know that song.” Are you sick of playing it? Cider Mag: Where did your connection to India Hall: No, I’m not sick of playing it; it’s just there come from? Hall: In high school, a friend of mine, his dad was with a saint over in India and he had a picture of that saint on his wall, and I looked at the picture and my whole life changed. I started reading about the saint, and because he was from India I got in- Winter • 2015 are so many other ones I want to play and we only have a set amount of time! Catch Trevor Hall’s acoustic blend of rock, reggae, and Sanskrit chatting when he returns to Burlington this month for a show on October 30 at the Higher Ground. ■ • CIDER MAG • 43