Cider Mag Winter 2015 Issue 52 - Page 42

CALI ROOTS Interview with Trevor Hall A by John Powell coustic reggae-rock artist, Trevor Hall, played a noon-time set on the largest stage at California Roots in May 2015, and even though it was early in the day, the audience was already massive. Hall was snug in the center of the stage for his set, tucked in with a cajon hand drummer and upright bass player as he ripped through his career, playing as many songs as time allowed. Due to a recent health scare (I think he’s doing alright, now) Trevor had to cut off his flowing dreadlocks, which he had been cultivating for years. Having his cropped hair and nearly-shaved face made him look as young as he actually is, although he’s been at this music thing for a long time now. Cider Mag: You’re coming back to Burlington in October, but the first time I saw you, it was a local radio station promo show at Higher Ground Ballroom and it cost 99 cents for a ticket. It was sold out by all these teenage girls! Hall: Ha! Right? That was in that smaller room, right? My god… I remember that. That was a good show for us. It pushed us into the other room. Cider Mag: Was this your first time playing Cali Roots? Hall: Yeah. I’ve known about it, and last year I Hall: Well, Brian, the bass player, played in a band that opened for us one time in Florida, so I met him that way. And then Doug, the percussion player, I actually went to high school with, and a few years went by and I called him and said, “Hey bro, I’m doing a stripped-down thing. Do you want to come play percussion for me?” It totally worked out; I love the set-up right now. It’s simple. heard about it a lot because a lot of our friends are playing, and I checked it out and was humbled to be asked to come. Cider Mag: Especially when you go to a festival Cider Mag: Do you like playing early? Hall: It’s a good lesson because it’s like, you know, Hall: I do because you can just get done and enjoy the other shows. [Smiles] Cider Mag: You’ve been playing an acoustic set for a while now, including today. What’s it like playing as a trio? 42 • CIDER MAG • like this. It’s loud. It’s energized. It’s electric. And you’re not. it’s intimidating, like, “I hope I’m loud enough.” [Laughs] It’s cool to get up there and say, “Hey, this is us. Let’s just play our songs and have fun.” I think it’s different for people. Cider Mag: I’ve been a Tubby Love fan for a while. Thanks for getting him to guest during your set. Winter • 2015