Cider Mag Winter 2015 Issue 52 - Page 40

WORMTOWN Sept. 18 - 21 set on my back. But, oh boy, did I dance like an inverted turtle happy to see the stars for the first time. The band has been rocking the jam band scene for close to 45 years and has no indication of ever stopping. They are a nonstop, crowd-pleaser that usually draws the majority of the “Worms” to the field for one big dance party. Opening the second set with Bo Diddley’s “Who Do You Love”, they continued to jam from one cover to the next. Youngster, and sure-tobe future rock star, Charlie Bowser assisted the band with “Helter Skelter”, while Montbleau sat in on “With A Little Help From My Friends”. The music of the Silent Trees eased me into Sunday. The magic of Mary Lindberg and John Redden, coupled with the clear, crisp morning, is a precious remedy that smooths out any unwanted regret. I stayed plastered to the Main Stage for most of Sunday and caught the mighty Rev Tor, New Riders of the Purple Sage, and Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad before sneaking back to the Riverworm Stage to catch some of the Adam Ezra Group. We tried to leave before Zach Deputy and his new- ly formed group, the Hashtags, took the stage, but like moth to flame, we were drawn in and witnessed a set washed in pure golden sunshine. Deputy, donning a rubber chicken hat, along with the band, blasted through a ferocious “Chicken Pot Pie”—one for the books. And continuing his attraction to all things pie, he busted out a fresh new jam called “Sheppard’s Pie”. Smiling and looking as joyous as ever, Deputy pumped out song after song with his band, led by drummer extraordinaire Bill Carbone, until the inevitable end came crashing down. As always there’s never time to see everybody, but so it goes when there are over 70 bands that battle for attention. I feel indebted to the bands that whisked me into a big ball of dancing feet. Most of them are the same bands that return year after year, but they’re a bit different each time. Yes, they are a bit older, but unquestionably wiser just the same. They pick and prod and practice, and when Wormtown comes back around they are eminently better. We can all only wait to see what next year brings. ■ Max Creek 40 • CIDER MAG • Winter • 2015