Cider Mag Winter 2015 Issue 52 - Page 39

WORMTOWN Sept. 18 - 21 Zach Deputy and the Hashtags easily described as one of the best performances of the weekend. Not only that, but it is one of the best RoC performances I’ve seen to date. Opening with a solid dubbed-out jam they shot right into “Peace, Love, and Music” at full-throttle. A head-banging “Punk RoC” contrasted well with a toned down version of “Policy” featuring the one and only Force from the Alchemystics. RoC also introduced a newly written verse for “3X a Lady” and their surprise cover of “Friend of the Devil” seemed to get the crowd completely amped up. The love that Roots of Creation has shown for Wormtown over the past 10 years of performing at the festival, and the passion and vigor they played with that night exceeded any other show from them I’ve seen at any other venue. I have to mention the Kind Buds because they are the glue that holds this festival together. With two acoustic guitars and two voices that blend flawlessly together, you can always count on a couple of Winter • 2015 sets from them. One early morning Main Stage set to get the ball rolling and then another long, late night at the Vernville Stage to keep the juices flowing. Ryan Montbleau, another familiar Wormtown face, stuck around for the entire weekend making cameos with Max Creek and Zach Deputy. He also blessed us with two tremendous sets of his own. The first was on Friday night with his ever-revolving band and the second was on Saturday at Vernville, which took the cake. With just his trusty acoustic guitar, the crowd was serenaded for an hour and a half with a mix from his hefty catalogue. He even managed to sneak in Sublime’s