Cider Mag Winter 2015 Issue 52 - Page 30

PUNK IN THE PARK Aug. 1 Harlow’s Pub Music Schedule Saturday, January 2 Michael McCarthy Friday, January 8 Youngest Sun Friday, January 15 Roots of Creation Saturday, January 16 Roots of Creation Friday, Scarlet Sails w/ January 22 Tara Greenblatt Band Friday, Friday, January 29 February 26 Muddy Ruckus DeadBeat All shows start at 9:30 PM Every Wednesday is Open-Mic Night at 8:30 PM More info can be found on Facebook (603) 924-6365 30 • CIDER MAG • watching as their thrash, noise, punk, and grindcorevsound took over the crowd with constant circling of bodies, men and women alike. These guys were raw and dark. Morpheus has been going strong since September of 2014 and they now seem unstoppable. Blind Threat, hailing from Albany, NY, played next and to this point had the freshest sound of the night. As soon as they played, their music and style reminded me of The Acacia Strain. Singer Dante Bender was a treat to watch as he played to the crowd, holding such a remarkable stage presence. Tight, energetic, and playful with totally out-of-this-world vocals made this set amazing. Hardcore, metal, punk-they fit them all! Western Mass bastard thrash band, Goblet, took the stage with a sound like Slayer, Municipal Waste, and Black Dahlia Murder. Goblet is a perfect blend of thrash, black, death, and doom metal, so you can imagine the craziness that ensued. Drummer Nick Sacco and bassist Peydon Twing blend perfectly together, as the drum beats are heavy with a thumping bass tone to complete that sound. Add a lead guitarist who played flawlessly alongside epic vocals and you have Goblet. Lastly, Keene NH band, Lobotomobile, set up the stage for their headlining theatrical punk show. Lobotomobile has been getting rave reviews and attention all over New England as they have been playing non-stop everywhere, including alongside national bands such as Dirty Rotten Imbeciles and Candy Striper Death Orgy. Lobotomobile played their signature songs including “Pretty Little Innards”, “Melee Weapon” and “Chloroform Girl.” Lobotomobile’s stage props, bloody costumes, and added special effects, such as fog and movie and video game sound clips, made the show even more spectacular. It’s like watching Leatherface rock the bass strings as the beautiful and mesmerizing Lizzy Borden plays the hell out of that guitar while a masked man sits behind and plays the drum kit like it was a part of him. This year, Hajisan’s Hot Dogs provided food and drinks at reasonable prices for concert goers and the like. Children of all ages were there with their families enjoying face painting and coloring under the kid’s activity tent. Merch booths were set up for some of the bands, selling CDs, vinyl, and cassette tapes. Between sets, author Jeremy Void read from his book on addiction and Captain Obvious (Nicholas de Stefanis) performed an impromptu acoustic singalong for the crowd. Punk In The Park has an active Go Fund Me account to help support the event and future festivities. For more information about Punk in the Park and the plans for 2016 visit ■ Winter • 2015