Cider Mag Winter 2015 Issue 52 - Page 29

PUNK IN THE PARK Aug. 1 ing of his older brother Nickless Nickless of Dudestew. Next was Fall Of Time, straight from Rutland, whose thrash doom-style metal was heavy and riffy throughout their set. Their heavy metal style is similar to that of Slayer with a little Candy Striper Death Orgy thrown in. At this point during Punk in the Punk, Fall of Time set the bar for the music as the crowd was excited, energetic, primed, and ready for the next band. Bass player and singer Kirke Morgan reminded me of Lemmy from Motorhead with his cowboy hat and dark shades as he played those strings with ease. Fall of Time is definitely a band to look out for. The Labor Pains from Sandwich, NH were an alternative pop-punk band that sounded like a combination of the Misfits and the Ramones. Their fun, aggressive, and energetic style kept the crowd running in circles and bouncing off each other. Despite missing two members that day, the singer/guitarist and drummer complimented each other perfectly and seemed to be in a groove that lasted throughout their set. These guys were really fun to watch. The Jonee Earthquake Band, who formed in 1979 and is based out of Manchester, NH, was the most notable of the day to come on next. With a punk/ surf/rockabilly sound, this was the most fun band of the event. Having been around for so many years, Jonee Earthquake has had many member changes over the years, still gigging and recording on their own label, Spiral. Jonee, the frontman of the band, dresses in pirate attire and sings songs about people he knows, ex-girlfriends, hateful jobs, and the shit that happens in everyday life. Baby Taker took the stage next to wreak havoc on our brains, playing a number of 15-20 second splits of loud, obnoxious, ear splitting screaming madness. With songs like “Michael J Fox Can You Shake This Soda Can?”, “Can the Real Stephen Hawking Please Stand Up?”, and “This is My Choking Victim, I Like Awkward Silences”, all you can expect is crazy fun DRI-like splits that make you either want to laugh out loud or just hit somebody. Middle Son was fast and heavy. Formed by ex members of Midnight Saints, Middle Son, from Rutland, VT, brought a refreshing energetic new sound, mixing old school punk with ska, hardcore, and metal. These guys rocked the stage and kept the pit going heavy as the crowd surfed to their fast-paced music and catchy guitar lines. Morpheus, the festival veterans and organizers, blends thrash, goth-rock, and piss-punk to create something raucous and intently outside of the trends. Having Morpheus play in their hometown park again af \