Cider Mag Winter 2015 Issue 52 - Page 16

GREEN RIVER FESTIVAL July 10 - 12 Kids were already underway. Dressed in full, black suits that must have been weighed heavily with sweat, the duo proceeded to croon their tender voices over the crowd. They have a certain sound where at times you could swear you hear an uncanny resemblance to Simon & Garfunkel. Sweet, perfect harmonies that stick around the air long enough to seep into your soul. Their folk is original and has a maturity that feels like they’ve been around for decades. By the end of the Milk Carton Kids the sun had its cruel grip on both my body and mental state. I retreated to the Parlor Room Stage, the smallest of the three stages, where I spent the remainder of the sun’s light under the shaded confines of the trees and enjoyed three different sets worth of pure en- 16 • CIDER MAG • tertainment by three bands I would never normally have seen. First, In The Round, a one-time collaboration of Charlie Parr, Suitcase Junket, and Kris Delmhorst hit the stage hard and put out a solid set. The Stray Birds were brilliant too. A string trio huddled around one microphone, they merge an old-timey sound with exceptional harmonies, and do it all in style. Marco Benevento was my surprise find of the day. The 38-year-old keyboardist stands alone with his seemingly endless exuberance. The smile never seems to fade even when his eyes are closed and he’s ferociously banging away at the keys. What comes out of those keys is a hearty mix of jazz, pop, and rock, with serious hints of improvisation. And Winter • 2015