Cider Mag Winter 2015 Issue 52 - Page 15

F GREEN RIVER FESTIVAL July 10 - 12 rom July 10-12, the immense lower field of Greenfield Community College was lined with a colorful parade of fabrics, accentuating the beautiful, verdant Berkshire landscape. Some brave folks ventured up in the rickety wicker baskets that are tethered to the ground, absorbing a full view of the grounds that hold this unique event. Others take to the sky completely untethered, floating higher and higher in a full-on voyage that usually ends up in some friendly neighbor’s backyard a bit down the road. It’s undeniably mesmerizing, and you find that both young and old stand still with head and necks strained to witness the splendor of those remarkable balloons. This year, due in part to last year’s sellout, the gates opened on Friday night instead of Saturday afternoon, firmly establishing a third night of great music. I was a bit late to the party, but rushed down the hill to the second stage, dubbed Four Rivers Stage, just in time to catch the flashy, uber-talented Chuchito Valdes.Valdes could be described as anything but dull. The Cuban pianist, flashing his infectious smile and dressed in a bright yellow button down shirt proved to be an absolute fury on the keys. Backed by bass and percussion, the four-piece really took hold of the night and spiced it up. On this night the stage was dedicated to the Latin music scene and showcased a few notable acts in the like of