Cider Mag Winter 2015 Issue 52 - Page 10

Mahoney: Oh, we love to jam live, but we don't Mahoney: Southern Cali, like San Diego. The Cider Mag: Do you ever get through with a jam Cider Mag: Do you have any strong ties to Massa- plan on it. It's great if a five minute song extends into a 15 minute jam, but we don't plan on that every time because when the pressure is there to jam it doesn't work out the same. and look out into the audience, and people are like, “What was that?” Mahoney: [Laughs] Sometimes you notice that people that aren't into jams go into the bar then. But if you're into a really good jam and people get into it hard, that's very cool. We do as much dub as we can do live, but people don't love instrumental shows. Cider Mag: Overall, how was the summer for Dubbest? Mahoney: The summer went well. This was our first time on the west coast. We're planning on moving there soon, actually, so we were eager to test out the scene, and everything seemed to go well, in regards to how people responded to our music. Cider Mag: Where are you t