Cider Mag - Dec 2013 - Page 25

c- he nx, Pro z)- issue 38 working_Layout 1 12/7/2013 1:50 PM Page 25 If anyone has forgotten or is unawares I also used to do a little rappin with a group called the Lynguistic Civilians. I am now building a set with multiple members of Brain Gang including Logik, Mad Dog and DJ-BP. I am proud to announce my involvement with the forming and growth of Brain Gang and its ingenuity. I'm excited to return to the stage to present the performance I have been preparing for sometime. But that will have to wait. For now, If you would like to show your support for Brain Gang like us on facebook, Search- Brain Gang Family Group, from there you can check and see where upcoming shows will be taking place. Attending these shows will be the best way to truly show your support and directly assist to advance these artists. If your really into it, buy a T-Shirt or Hoody from a show or contact a member you're familiar with. The closest date will be the upcoming King of VT Rap Battle in Burlington, VT December 19th at Club Metronome! Many Brain Gang members will be in attendance and multiple will be competing. There will also have a merchandise table on site selling Brain Gang gear. Ill be there supporting Cider Mag and Brain Gang until the new king is crowned! Hope to raise a glass with any of my readers, Cheers! Suggested Facebook Search: Brain Gang Family Group Facebook Search: Club Metronome Facebook Search: King of VT Rap Battle