Cider Mag - Dec 2013 - Page 24

issue 38 working_Layout 1 12/7/2013 1:50 PM Page 24 w Do Breakin it with T-Noonz A New Family is Born n aka Tom Noonan There is something new brewing in the in the world of Hip-Hop, something righteous and inspiring. Artists from far and wide across our broad country are coming together to form... a family. A family who's goal is to celebrate HipHop and all its offerings while pushing it forward, and to unite under one name to accomplish things that could not be accomplished by oneself. An expression of a bond, something bigger then self centered advancement but the advancement of an entire movement formed to strengthen Hip-Hops history and reputation, and to strengthen the family. This family I speak of is collaborative simply called Brain Gang. So much said with so little. First there was an idea that formed a small seed of a gathering which then sprouted and formed a forest of ambition and possibilities, ideals and good intentions. The Idea is as simple as its title, form a family of artists with no restrictions or obligations other than their personal promotion or representation of the family name, but mainly to form a network that will help us all drive forward by the use of one vehicle. It pleases me to inform you that Brain Gang is a non-profit organization with no definite money making goals, any member can print and sell the Brain Gang logo for their own profit to help them advance their own career. There is no pot to throw into, no fees, no gimmicks, and no dark underlying agenda. Yes its true, no smoke and mirrors and no veils, only opportunity. Although this is not the traditional capitalist American way, but rather patriotic if I do say so myself. The ideology is held together and was formed by the unofficial young leader or "Main Brain" Logik Levesque, a printed and performing Emcee/Producer located in Springfield VT. Brain Gang is not a one dimensional representation of Hip-Hop but consists of many expressions of Hip-Hop blended into one entity, producing the inspired work from artists including: -Street and Studio ArtistSEEKO- North Carolina -Graphic Designer- Seth Rediker,- Claremont, NH -The legendary Drummer/ Guitarist- Mad Dog- Burlington -Table DJ and Emcee- DJ-BPof UnKommon (Formerly The Lynguistic Civilians)Burlington, Vermont -Female Vocalist, Emcee, and First lady Rach The Queen Burlington, Vermont The List of Emcees and Producers in support is lengthy and experienced: Emcee/Producer- Learic of The Aztext -Burlington, Vermont Emcee/Producer- HabitBurlington, Vermont Emcee- Colby Stiltz- Florida Emcee/Radio DJ- Guesty Dover,New Hampshire Emcee/Poet- Brain God- Bronx, New York Emcee/Poet/Vocalist- Rajni Eddins- Burlington, Vermont Producer/Emcee- KnowbleBurlington Vermont Producer- CoopDavilleShelburne, Vermont Producer- Then WhatBurlington, Vermont And yours truly- Emcee/ Producer/CiderWriter/Agent/Pro moter- Emcee-T (aka T-Noonz)Burlington VT