Cider Mag - Dec 2013 - Page 18

issue 38 working_Layout 1 12/7/2013 1:50 PM Page 18 Direct From The Voice! Josh Is Returning Home to Manchester’s Palace Theatre CIDER MAGAZINE ISSUE 36 Josh Logan became a superstar - especially in his home state of New Hampshire - when he advanced to the top 12 on The Voice, currently America’s favorite television singing contest. Now Josh is ready to play a sold-out, return show at The Palace Theatre in Manchester on December 30. Logan performed for millions of television viewers while on The Voice over the last few months and during the “blind auditions,” which is the first part of the process to find the next winner of the show, three judge’s chairs turned for him including Blake Sheldon, Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera. Cee Lo Green is also a judge on the show. After the judges fought for Logan to be on their team after the auditions, he finally chose Team Xtina to coach him. “It’s always so surreal being on stage and looking over at four of the most popular artists of our time,” Logan said in a recent Cidermag PG 18 interview. “Just to get the validation that you’re good enough to be on the show is a win in itself and I will always remember that moment and feeling.” As Logan continued his ride up the ladder, he won the “battle round” after performing a Maroon 5 song for the band’s front-man himself, Adam Levine, who seemed to enjoy the performance. “That was such a WWW.CIDERMAG.COM Juliana Wilson proud moment for me. To get such praise from the original singer is such an honor.” Then in round three, or the “knockout round,” Logan sang a Stevie Wonder classic that impressed Aguilera enough to advance him to “The Lives” round. “I guess Christina was feeling me and my style more,” he said. “I am so glad I chose her as my coach!”