Cider Mag - Dec 2013 - Page 17

n issue 38 working_Layout 1 12/7/2013 1:50 PM Page 17 CIDER MAGAZINE ISSUE 36 This is an easy IPA to drink for those of you who fear the hops. It’s 70 IBU and 6.2% ABV makes it powerful enough to stand up and be bold, but with a super light, refreshing, non-bitter flavor that says, “Yeah… I’m a light beer.” It’s sweet enough and has a good balance of carbonation, with a lasting finish and pleasant drinkability. Keeping things white, I grabbed a local Arizona beer to interlude, and I’ll tell you about it real quick as I make my way on to the next beer. See? That’s how I roll, beer before beer, after having a beer. Mudshark Brewery is just up the road from Phoenix on the Cali/Nevada border and it’s a wee-bitty place, but they crank out some sick beer. I’ve dabbled in some product, but not yet this one… the “Full Moon” Belgian Style White Ale. It’s orangy, cloudy, hazy look is appealing. It smells like bready, malty, orangepeel, spice (that’s good)! The taste, if you ever get your hands on one is pretty damn good and THANK?YOU FOR?VISITING CIDERMAG .COM PG 17 WWW.CIDERMAG.COM for a 6.6% , it’ll definitely take us for our finale. Milk Stout “nitro” easily into the next beer. Let’s is in the glass. A 2013 GABF crank open the next! Gold Medal winner, winner, Big surprise here… I’m chicken dinner! Let’s try this going to review a Leinenkugel. puppy out. Pours dark as For some, unknown reason, I night, smells like a molasses, hate this brewery. That aside, rich and creamy sweet malts I’ve had several of their beers and OOOOPS, I drank some. and will again now. The Snow- And it’s good! I would have this drift Vanilla Porter screams of beer with eggs and bacon in winter and needs to be tasted. the morning. I would also have So let’s get this over with. Is it now, at 12:11 am. The taste your wood stove fired up? Go and texture are spot on and the do it! Pours pretty dark, but profile hits the bull’s-eye. some light gets through, like a I’m going to fade into the cola. The nose is rich in vanilla, night. You all drink good beer sweet scents of malt and the first and stay warm. Until the next sip surprises me by its smooth, ???F?( b6?VW'2?V7?F?G&?????WF??fVV??'WB?N( ?0?7Vv'??B7vVWB?B?F??( ?@?F?????( ?BF???&RF??F?&VR?`?F?W6R??b?G&??F?V??T?p?V?6?????N( ?2v?B6??6??FR??D?2?D?0??WGG????B'WB?B??6VV?0?tTT????'F?f?6???6?''??V??V??VvV?( `???R7F????fV?( ?Bv???R???T??0?%%T?4????????&6?F?6???&F??Vg@?t?D??Ud??%%??%??t?D?E$??$%0??$?$???B'&Wv??r6???2?P?D?U%4D?2r??%4B?0????0?5T?D?2???W??6???v?BWfW'?vVF?W6F?R???????VBv^( ?&RvWGF??~( ??fW&???D?&???6??&?7G??F?7G????G?v??F?W70??