Cider Mag - Dec 2013 - Page 15

xeak o p ood a y ds evntiwith ns we r, ow- m- issue 38 working_Layout 1 12/7/2013 1:49 PM Page 15 those people wanted to also bring their friends along to join in the fun.” Each year the event continued to grow and the open mic concept evolved into a full-blown concert, while other folks also began setting up modest vending booths. Now, this one-day “family party” had evolved into a weekend-long music and camping adventure and by 2008, Ziontific was booking bands such as The Alchemystics and some 250 folks were coming for the fun! “Two years later we were drawing over 350 people and the camping area was overflowing,” Shannon said. “Luckily our neighbor had no problem with people setting up on his land… but reflecting back on the history of the reunion now, we certainly realized we were on to something good if we could keep the ‘family vibe’ intact as we continued to grow.” In 2011 the party was moved to another friend’s location, the Tweed River Tubing property on the Tweed River in Stockbridge, VT. This was also the year when they took the plunge; opening the gates to the public! “That first ‘open to the public’ event went off without a hitch and we knew then, that we had done it right and after the event, some of the attendees dubbed themselves the ‘Ziontific Family’… and now describe the festival as a reunion,” Shannon added. “Our attendees every single year have brought such an uplifting spirit, we couldn't ask for a more inspirational crowd.” The Ziontific Summer Solstice Music Festival is unique in that it predominantly offers local and regional reggae and hip-hop acts, however they also incorporate select rock, funk and jam bands as well. “We wanted to open a door for the many (reggae and hip-hop) talented acts throughout the Northeast that sometimes get overlooked by some festivals because they may be a little different…or not a jam or r ??????????t?M?????????????????(? ???????????$?????????)???????????????i????????????????????????????????$??????)??????????????????????????)?????????????????????????????)??????????????????$???????????)????????????????????????)???????????t?i????????????????)?????]??????????qM??$)???????????????????????)????????????????????????????????????????????????)????????????????????????????????????????????????t)????????????????????????????i?????????????????9??)????????????5????????????????????????????????)??????????????????????)?????????????????????)?????????????????????????)??????Q??????????????=????)????????I??????? ??????)M???????????Q???A???????????????????%???????????9?????d? ?????M?????Y????M????())???? ????????Q??????)Q???i????????M????M???????????????????????????)?????????????????????)?????????????????????????i???????????e????????????????)????????????????????????????????????????????????)???????????????????????????????????????????????)????????????????????????????(???????????????????????????????)?????????????????????????)??????????+?q$???????????????i???????)??????????????????)????????????????????????)???????t?M?????????????q??)??????????????????????i???)?????????????????L?????????)???????????????????????????t?)?????????????????q%???)????????????????????????)i???????????????????????????)??????+?q??????????????????????) 5`??a?????????d???? ????)-???????????????e????????)?????????????i???????????)????????????????????????????????t?=??????????????)?????????????????????????)????????????????????????IX)?????????????????Q?????)?????????????????????)????????????????????)M???????!???????M???????)Q???i????????????????????)???????????????????????????)??????????????????????????)??????????????????????????)???i????????A???????]??)????????????????????????((