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issue 38 working_Layout 1 12/7/2013 1:49 PM Page 12 CIDER MAGAZINE ISSUE 36 You guys at JJ's tavern in Florence recently, that song you played last, what was the name of it!? and tell me it’s on your album! There was some notable inspiration behind that song, maybe Amon Amarth? Also since your new album Eternal is out are you out touring that, or already in the midst of the next? The song we played last is called "Beyond The North" and is our usual closing song. It is This recipe is too easy to be soooo good! indeed off our debut album Eternal! And funny you'd mention Amon Amarth... we consider it to be our viking song, haha. All our touring has been in support of Eternal 8 Apples came out this past this year, the album of your choice summer. We have begun writing new material, and 1/2 cup of Sugar will probably be working on an EP sometime Tablespoon of in 2014! Cinnamon How does one actually get endorsed by companies such as Hurt Reynolds co and DR Strings? ...that’s pretty badass. We are very thankful to be endorsing such killer companies. The guys at Hurt Reynolds In a friend bowl combine: and my new smallSteve Bello at DR Strings are all great.cuphad melted butterin both 3/4 We of been interested companies for years, of sugar 1 cup and we eventually decided to express this to them by reaching out 1 egg with our EPK and that fun stuff. They were 1 out. of flour happy to help us cup Endorsements for local bands can be tough, but it's really about conpour over apples tacting the companies that you actually use bake at 350 degrees and believe in. The future of40-45 minutes Carnivora..i foresee shows with Mobile Deathcamp,cool Allow to oh wait that’s happening soon! Anything else we should and serve! keep our ears open for? Any last comments? The Mobile Deathcamp thing was something that came together recently. I talked to their front man Todd Evans, who used to be Beefcake the Mighty of Gwar, and he helped us out by letting us open for them for a few dates of a US tour they're doing in 2014. That is going to be a really cool experience. We plan to do all kinds of touring throughout 2014 and make it to places we haven't had the chance to play at yet! That's what we've mainly been focusing on recently- expanding our reach! ie h Apple P Swedis Stuff you Need Directions The 3rd Annual Cider Awards nominations begin january 5, 2014 only on facebook