Cider Mag - Dec 2013 - Page 10

issue 38 working_Layout 1 12/7/2013 1:49 PM Page 10 with Nichole Dickinson Hailing from London England, with the swing of a needle and a swig of a brew, 1975 birthed a new era of metal. Known to some as the godfather of speed and thrash metal, his signature voice - along with his moles - has struck again! Still guessing!? No, it’s not Ozzy… he’s a class of metal all his own. I’m talking about Motorhead here people and Lemmy to be more specific. Released in November, this is Lemmy Kilmisters twenty first studio album, and did I mention the guy is 67 years old? Imagine yourself at nearly 70 and still throwing the horns! Adorned with the classic snaggle Aftershock is Lemmy giving the middle finger to any of the “legends that still rock” doubters out there. With Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee standing alongside, there is no question this is Motorhead at its most raw form. Now, I could go on and on with a full-blown album review, but how about this instead… go and f*#king buy it, period! I’m ashamed at you for not listening to it right now, so get it and tell me I steered you wrong… I dare you. Oh, and speaking of “motor,” a big shout out goes to Promotorhead Entertainment based in Florence, Ma. John Gulow ceases to give us metal heads the best gift of all, consistent local metal shows… booking bands such as Carnivora, Orcumentary, Havok, Barishi and Lich King. “Like” and follow them on Facebook to keep your hair whips up to date and always sweaty. Until next time, see you In the Pit! , Tell met feel Wa you and bein Mas sce on a met The You wor Dea Hah for a pec batt nam wer like coo Oh in r As use doe own the form cro I lo coo tice Tha live Our he enc gon the kne ing,