Ciao Jun/Jul 2018 CIAO_JunJul2018_Digital - Page 6

Chocolate everyday, every year, since 1959 ★ ge rta Ellice Ave. Sargent Ave. . Ave Po Custom chocolates and nuts for any occasion 674 Sargent Ave. (204) 783-4551 Available at Swimwear • Clothing • Accessories 11-1504 St. Mary’s Rd. 204-237-0457 Open every day • 4 ciao! / jun/jul / two thousand eighteen publisher’s note D o you consider yourself a culinary tourist? Culinary tourism is defined as the pursuit of unique and memorable culinary experiences of all kinds, often while travelling. Food inspires many of us to make destination choices. There are obvious global destinations like Tuscany, New York or Hawaii renowned as culinary playgrounds. However, due to the growing segment of the population that travels to where its stomach leads it, cities like Winnipeg can be added to the list. This special travel issue of Ciao! celebrates the relationship between food and travel. Expanded circulation reaching Grand Forks and Fargo is designed to encourage a visit north. Ciao! travels reveals some great places to discover good eats while touring Manitoba’s eastern scenery and lake country. Take this road trip and be rewarded with photo ops of pristine water, walkways flanked by green boreal forest, spectacular beaches and sunsets. To help plan summer holidays a season-long calendar of events and activities has been provided