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last bite singing proud When did you fi rst sing for an audience? When I was twelve I sang in church. When did you know you wanted to sing for a living? Right after that. What attracted you to Jazz? I knew I wanted to study music and I wasn’t an opera singer, so the choice became clear to follow jazz. It requires such an intrinsic understanding of harmony and rhythm. What do you love about jazz? It’s very honest. It requires so much study but in performance it insists on openness with the people you are playing with. What advice can you give aspiring singers? Learn piano or another instrument to be self-suffi cient as an artist. Take all gigs - never say no. Are there any local musicians you admire? Yes! Ariel Posen, Kasey Kurtz, Sheena Rattai, Rayannah... What’s your favourite Winnipeg neighbourhood? St. Norbert. I love the Arts and Cultural Centre, Farmer’s Market, and the charming old Catholic church. Where do you take out of town visitors to show off the city? We love going to Fort Whyte Alive. It’s a great place to go for nature walks! What do you like cooking at home? I make curries and pizza from scratch. Jazz Folk artist Erin Propp hits the high notes on her music, the city, and what she likes to eat. Photography by Ian McCausland at Kitchen Sync. 44 ciao! / jun/jul / two thousand eighteen What’s your “go to” restaurant? I am a deli girl. I love Sherbrook Street Deli and Meyers Deli. Where is your fave spot to meet a friend for coffee? The Nook, Little Sister Coffee Maker in Osborne Village or Tall Grass Prairie for a coffee and cinnamon bun!