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ciao! reviews one great city brewing co. Neighbourhood . . . . St James Address . . . . . . 1596 Ness Ave Phone . . . . . . . 204-779-2337 Entrées . . . . . . . . . . . $6-$22 One Great City Brewing Co’s business partners Jon Burge, Tim Hudek and Josh Berscheid have successfully added more swagger to the burgeoning food culture by combining specialty beers with globally-inflected food. The pair- ing of an in-house brewery with trendy cuisine is not a new concept, but replacing ordinary pub fare with elevated dishes has proven to be greater than the sum of all its parts in Winnipeg. The local craft brewery wears “the heart of a city is its people” mantra literally on its sleeve, emblazoned on trendy clothes, gifts and beer acces- sories on display at the entrance OGC swag bar. The echo of boisterous chat- ter beckons a stroll down the long front hall, lined with ethereal pho- tographs of the Northern Lights. Beyond the open kitchen and expan- sive sleek interior is the warehouse dining room with a contemporary aesthetic. OGC has hit the mark through an adventurous and accessible approach to beer and food. Those who aren’t fans of salads will be intrigued with plated kale and quinoa that arrive dressed to thrill in a chili basil vinaigrette. Charred carrots offer a smoky change of pace alongside chunks of bacon and cherry tomatoes, dusted with toasted almonds. Traditional Mexican carnitas get an Asian-centric kick with a trio of delicately shredded glazed pork tacos served on small soft corn tortillas. In three juicy bites, succulent pork and fermented house-made kimchi are comple- mented with the delicate crunch of sesame seeds in a scallion aioli. Earthy flavours are delightfully doubled with button mushroom turnovers, cleverly encased in three thin and crispy phyllo triangles. Creamy goat cheese fondue is the dipping base for large sautéed king oyster mushrooms, coupled with steamed broccolini. Enter the leg o’ lamb shank, braised in a house pale ale and laid across creamy polenta, swirled in a rich demi-glace. The side of charred eggplant and confit tomatoes add the final touch, leav- ing little room for dessert. Dig into piping hot ricotta and brown sugar beignets that melt into house made maple ice cream - the ideal final bites to share with a dinner partner. One Great City has upped the expectation on what bites a brewery can offer alongside craft beer. OGC OX[XU\ H[SUHVV THE CITY’S ONLY DAY SPA We cater to spontaneous whims and those unexpected openings in your day. Walk-Ins Welcome. Pedicures Magic Manicures $22-$50 Long lasting shellac Spa Pedicure - A retreat cured polish with by the sea: ingredients zero dry time gets Facials of a natural sea sand, $38-$80 you back out there sea kelp and mineral salts Vita Cura 5 - A true to shine $38 exfoliate, nourish and alternative to surgical smooth. Certifi ed organic Gifts rejuvenation. The micro peel paraben free Gifts for the refreshens, peptide serums $50 body, mind and reduce wrinkles, and fi rming spirit await mask gives an immediate in store and visible lift $80 264 Edmonton St. (204)943-6702 30 ciao! / jun/jul / two thousand eighteen