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ciao! reviews SADDLERY ON MARKET Neighbourhood . . . . Exchange Address . . . . . 114 Market Ave Phone . . . . . . . 204-615-1898 Entrées . . . . . . . . . . $24-$35 Part ode to Winnipeg’s industrial past, part contemporary restobar, Saddlery on Market draws diverse crowds to the East Exchange. On any given night, diners celebrating a private event, large groups grabbing grub post-work, and the pre-theatre throng may settle into the capacious yet comfortable space, browsing a well-executed menu that appeals to every appetite. The large space makes use of the building’s heritage bones with exposed brick and industrial touches. Saloon-inspired décor nods to the building’s former life as the home of the leather manufacturing company, the Great West Saddlery Warehouse. Lest one think the barn wood and backlit bar signal western fare, a glance at the menu instead reveals inspirations from Europe, Asia and, of course, Manitoba. Globally influenced dishes abound. Warm olives are driz- zled with oil, sprinkled with feta and accompanied by crisp crostini slices. The sweet chili chicken rice bowl satiates with a hint of Asian infl uence. Strips of crispy and juicy chicken provide simultaneous notes of sweet, salty and spicy. Entrées combine variety with familiar comfort. Silky buttermilk mashed potatoes form miniature mountains beneath the meal’s main attraction. Two grilled chicken breasts govern the hunter chicken entrée with robust paprika bar- beque fl avour. Crimini mushroom demi-glace oozes over top, pooling at the bottom of the plate alongside perfectly roasted beets and carrots. California striploin shines with this less-is-more mentality, each healthy portion imbued with smoky, right- off-the-grill taste. Colourful roasted veggies accompany two skewers of tender shrimp to complete this sat- isfying spread. A wide selection of share-ables promotes lively sociable sampling. Brussels sprouts are charred, crispy and topped with lemon basil aioli. Tempura pickerel tacos pack in condiments like pickled jalapenos, creamy coleslaw and chili lime crèma. Tuna tartar is neatly stacked alongside airy wonton crisps, all underneath a sweet soya drizzle. A bounty of fresh yellow fin will have diners struggling to share this refreshing appetizer. Saddlery’s expansive menu is much like its ample interior, gra- cious in size and full of options. Winnipeg pride combined with international intentions makes this Exchange District stop an essential on culinary checklists. Saddlery is open Mon-Wed 11 FW"g&FR6BBFRऄU%0Vv&W&BvW7BV@FG&W72S#VƖ6RfPR#BsCSVG,:W2CbRC3"Pf"3V'2W'2vW vV&vRG6&22G&7'FV@7&vG2FFR6W2bw&VV6R7FVWrFW'2FR6RW"ЦfV7FbWFVF2VFFW'&V7V6RfGFrf"&W7FW&BV@f"6VBw&VVWBFPF7W&R2Rb'F7F2VRЦv6RvFV6766FV6W2'FV7GR'27W'&V@vFRƖVF&W2F&VBvFg&W6&VB6&F2'6( 66FR&2'WvFF6FbG&FFffW&FW2w&VV7FƗGWFVG2FV6F&RvFfFrVRWVFWFW'2f"FPW72VV2rW2&WFPFRvFg&W6ffW#FƗfW2g&W6fWFBW&"&GFW&V@6&7&Vגw&VVVW0B7VW'GG'&fRW"ЦfV7FǒvVBvF7FV֖pG&vW2b&VBFvV&RЧ6VFVB66Rb6WvF琦VG&VRGW&FFR( Ff@bFRw&VV2"FR'W7F2&V6Wf6FWfW"V"W7626V@vFVvwB76VBvFWFVpBf6VBvFƖvB&V6VFRVgG'F26W'fVBvFV&6RBBF77FF6V6RG26W6G7FF626vƖRW'2bЦFW2w&VB&VVbFF6V6PB&R&V6VF6F6gF&W2bGv6P6&GFW'2ffW"66Rw&VVffW&FW2vFWBFRVVBf FV66rffbFR&P"62B6WvW'2bV琦66V6Wf6RvF7&77FW&VBvF76W&'2BfWFvRG&wRЦ"G&FB7&V֖W"6VW6PBVvr6VG&W2&VVFG2WFW&"6'Fb6v66VG2FRGFW"'WB&WGFW"FvgVFBB&FW"FR6WFPf֖rF7f"FVG&6VffV7BfVW2FR֖7FGVR&V'2vBЦW72FFRƖvFrbFRg&V@Vfw&fW&FR6W'fW"FW6W2FP6VW6RvFg&W6ǒ7VVWVBVধV6RBw&VV'&G&Vf&RvBЦr&W76fRF&W6FRf,:w&VV( 2FW76W'G2&Rvf 7vVWBfƖw2֖G7BfW'0b67F&VW&V6G2FVƖ6FRf7W7F&BfƖrB06VBvFG&Rb7'WfGFrf6FW'2&VG`g&W6VFFW'&VffW'2आW'22V6B3Ӓ66VB7V6VVGvFW6BVvFVV#