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inthekitchen chef of the every man Chef Wayne Martin’s Capital Grill and Bar melds west coast fi nesse with prairie city authenticity. by Teena Legris Tucked away in a quiet, suburban neighbourhood strip mall amidst a handful of notable food franchises is the blue calm of Capital Grill and Bar. The prized gem of Charleswood, housed on Roblin Boulevard, pleases keen foodies with an ear to the ground while impressing appreciative diners. Wayne Martin, the soft-spoken man in chef’s whites, has a notable curriculum vitae, having hop-skipped the world for over 20 years and venturing into entrepreneurialism. After cutting his teeth cooking in exacting kitchens with the very best, Wayne continues to demonstrate a proclivity for the gourmet, tempered with a love of comfort food. Growing up in Barrie, Ontario, he exhibited natural skill in the kitchen. He embarked on his fi rst kitchen-related job with Four Seasons at the historic Minaki Lodge in the early 1990s, a sous chef gig which proved to be the perfect jumping off point for his career. For the next ten years, Wayne worked ardently at various Four Seasons locations throughout North America - from the small Caribbean island of Nevis, to the southernmost state capital of Austin, Texas. The highly regarded global hotel chain became his training ground within the food and hospitality industry, one that wasn’t contingent on formal culinary schooling. Experiencing the structure of a corporate hierarchy was crucial to his learning path, requiring patience and endurance. “I spent long, gruelling 12-hour days, 7 days a week making 200-240 brunches a day.” Chef Wayne says, laughing. “That’s a lot of eggs Benny and hollandaise!” The determined chef demonstrated a strong aptitude for technical skill and menu-building while managing the chaotic pace of large kitchens and crews - talents that earned Wayne the title of Executive Chef at Four Seasons in Vancouver. Corporate standards of excellence offered friendly competition with some fl exibility to collaborate on certain dishes. Yet, for most chefs with 14 ciao! / jun/jul / two thousand eighteen