Church Executive CONTINUING EDUCATION - Page 7

Hood Theological Seminary Mission Statement OUR MISSION: Hood Theological Seminary prepares women and men for bold and creative leadership for the Christian church for a diverse world. OUR VISION: Our vision is to be the seminary of choice for persons who desire to reflect the Kingdom of God in the cutting-edge study of scripture and theology, in relationships of equality and diversity, and in actions which embrace racial reconciliation and economic justice. OUR VALUES: As the Body of Christ and as a Seminary of the A.M.E. Zion Church — “The Freedom Church” — we embody values that define us as • A Community of welcome: for persons of all backgrounds; • A Community of worship: where, together in the classroom, chapel, and refectory, we collaboratively listen to God’s word in order to discern God’s ways in a complex and resistant world; • A Community of teaching and learning excellence: where we seek to ‘’love God with all the mind” and to grow in theological knowledge and the implications of such knowing for being God’s people in the world; • A Community of discernment and practical wisdom: where we engage in practices that promote peace, justice, and mercy in all human relationships and institutions. In keeping with our mission, vision and values, HTS strives to foster an environment for discussion and understanding of issues of social and economic justice confronting our society. Most recently, Hood has added a Community Advocacy and Social Justice Ministry specialization in the Doctor of Ministry program; taken the lead in the social justice dialogue in the Salisbury, NC, community by hosting public forums, panel discussions, prayer vigils and lectures; partnered with Women for Community Justice, a Salisbury group coordinating “Stop the Violence” workshops to address the roots of violent crime in the community; held bi-weekly, student-initiated “Diversity Talks” for members of Hood’s diverse community to discuss issues of justice and the role of Christians and the church. HTS also continues with an annual “Edu-worship” service with local