Chronicles101: Your Caribbean Christian Magazine May 2016 - Page 40


Chronicles101: Your Caribbean Christian Magazine

The Spirit of God is still moving in the Earth.

A lot of times we as Christians we Quench the Spirit.

The time that we are living in(NOW);

God IS pouring out HIS spirit upon ALL flesh.

It is either you go ALL the way with God or you dont go.

You see, God is depending on the CHRISTIANS,

his children to be obedient.

Do we really know the GOD that we serve??

Well I am here tell you I KNOW the GOD who I serve and I KNOW who I AM in him.

OPEN your eyes, are you not seeing that we ARE living in the LAST DAYS?

GOD is depending on YOU,

you who KNOW the word should Lead others into HIS Kingdom.

Live Right.

WALK Holy.

Too 'INTELLECTUAL' to follow the bible or believe what its says? Well...the enemy's of the Bible know the bible to use it to contradict the believers.

Don't be blinded by the things around you...

they are only for THIS life.

God WILL provide for you....if you seek HIM first.

When all is said & done.....what really matters?


Jesus Christ IS the ONLY way.

God is raising up a generation who will proclaim Jesus.

God is depending on you to fulfill the vision he has set before you.

Be obedient to the Spirit of God.


Quench Not

Quench Not