Chronicles101: Your Caribbean Christian Magazine May 2016 - Page 37

There is no more room for withholding the truth and covering up the truth

To get out of a sticky situation

For In Christ, I am now a brand new person

One who is continually being renewed in knowledge to be like myCreator

Satan is a liar and the father of all lies, but the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth

If I lie, I am cooperating with the devil, and I am not on the Lord’s side

So I must not lie to my mother and my father or lie to my brothers and my sisters

I must not lie to my husband/wife or lie to my sons and my daughters

I must not lie to my aunts and my uncles or lie to my cousins and my grandparents

I must not lie to my friends and acquaintances or lie to my neighbors and co-workers

I must not lie to the police or lie in the court of law

I must not lie on my taxes or lie to the IRS

Lies ultimately poison important very relationships in my life

Among people and especially with God

So I must speak the truth at all times

Despite how hard it may seem to be or what it may cost me, even if my voice shakes

I must not lie about my past to make me look good

Or lie about my present to make me look better

The truth eventually comes out, and people will finally see my insincerity

And I will ultimately lose my credibility with them

Honesty is always the best policy

So I must not make any lying excuses to get off the hook anymore

I must put off the old, unregenerate self and put on the new, regenerate self

For lying puts a roadblock for a deeper relationship with people and with God

Now I am living a new kind of life that is built on truth and integrity

One that is continually learning more and more of what is right and wholesome

That is constantly aiming to be more and more like Jesus Christ

The One who has created this new life within me that is so full of truth

I must not lie since I have had a profound, radical, life-changing experience in Christ

Lies keep me in bondage and captivity, but truth brings me freedom and liberty


©F. Faye Doman –2016