Chronicles101: Your Caribbean Christian Magazine May 2016 - Page 26

Chronicles101: Your Caribbean Christian Magazine




The Divinity and Facts of Universal Love

Love is something divine; created by God

God is love and love is God

It's flows from the heart pure and free

It gives encouragement and not discouragement.

Isn't it amazing? Yes! It is,

Someone can feel and see it, the wind that is blowing

at oft'n times, you can feel it,

Various trees are growing daily to supply food, etc;

There you see it, universally, nature declares it.

An individual loving-ness can cause this to also be

manifested among others, thinking of it always

in sincerity will let someone who is in your presence,

or if being miles away, feel that virtue from within you.

It brings peace of mind; diminishes HATE completely,

gives courage and strength at all moments.

Let love be seen, let love flow pure and free,

show love by HELPING each one;

Remember! when love is absent errors can occur,

When present, it leads to PERFECTION.

Inspired word

written by Juliana J. Horne