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The purpose of all of this is to connect Believers of Jesus, connect people together where one can share their story/testimony, where you can be encouraged and uplifted because I believe that everybody has a story to tell.

Each Christian has a story/testimony that someone is waiting to hear so that they too can be encouraged by it to live for Jesus. Chronicles Christian Radio is geared toward airing independent gospel artiste music as well as signed gospel artistes which we have been doing for the past 5+ years.

What are some of the other things that you are passionate about?

Some of the things that I'm passionate about are learning, making the time to learn and increase your knowledge. I love to sing and I write songs also. I love to read, I love to teach. I like anything dealing with technology, graphics designs, web design etc. I also like to design and sew various items with cloth. I'm also passionate about seeing people reaching their fullest potential because I believe that each individual that is on this Earth there is not another person like him/her. You are created special and since you were created special there's something that you've got to do in the earth that nobody else can do. I like to encourage persons to reach their full potential. I'm generally passionate about life.

How has your childhood shaped your life?

I think if I have to relive my life I would do it all over the same way meaning that my parents ensure that we as children go to Sunday school, go to church and they never forced us to do things that we didn't want to do. My parents are christians so they lived the Godly example for us as children. Yes, there were challenges and because of those challenges I've been taught to be hard working, pray, seek God and to be honest and righteous in all my doings.

I can remember especially at Christmas time I would help my mom make curtains for the house and at summertime she would teach me different skills such as crocheting, knitting, smocking, baking, that was really amazing because that helped me to learn a lot of things that I'm doing now and it has caused me to determine how I'm going to live my life and the decisions that I make especially when it comes to housekeeping and managing the home.

You're also a prophetess in the body of Christ explain what that means.

Yes I am a prophetess but sometimes I tend not to let the world know. I love love love the Lord with all of my heart and I'm determined to live for him. What does it mean to be a prophetess? it's means that you're able to foretell certain events or situations and there are times when God will tell certain things, to do/say or not to do/say.

Being a prophetess didn't just come over night like that it came through many different life test and life challenges that I would have to choose and similarly to passing a test in school, I've been tested and these will determine if you're going to go forward or if you would remain on the level that you are on.

God also reveals things through dreams and visions. I love being a prophetess because I apply this gift to my personal life and those around me. I've had situations before where I to speak on behalf of God, God would tell me something to say that to a person or group of persons and I would do as he asked me to do.

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