Chronicles101: Your Caribbean Christian Magazine May 2016 - Page 16




Get out there, race away,race away, bend around the corners because its not a choice, it's a must. You fall but you get up, you fall but you get up...go at it again, taking another look at yourself. I can make it. I will make it.

Speed bumps, bruises, burns, pain - all in the making. Life is a moving on, we're living to die but lets make the best of it.

One life, One Choice, One destiny then eternity.

Listen to your heart, look deep down and bring out what's in there, bring it out 'cause i'm special, you're sprecial. Be yourself. No matter what- Be happy.

Let NOTHING get you down 'cause I, you,we can make it.

Despite negative influences, jealousy, people. I can make it because I'm Special, God is by my side and he is guiding me, then, now aand forever.

Shake it off and lets go again.

Dreams make us what we are and I have a Dream!!

What do you see?

From which perspective?

Remember: Not everyone see things the way you see it.

Chronicles101: Your Caribbean Christian Magazine