Chronicles101: Your Caribbean Christian Magazine May 2016 - Page 14

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Chronicles101: Your Caribbean Christian Magazine

Generation Seekers

Nicole McLeary

Many of us like the idea of new things; we relish in the birth of newborns and are excited about new opportunities. Yet no new experience comes into our lives without the challenge of change. Change takes place through the process of transition and this has to do with the internal adjustments that have to be made to accommodate change.

Transition takes us out of our comfort zones and demands that you venture into the unknown. When Paul declared in 2 Corinthians 5:17 that old things are passed away and all things become new. He was literally saying that the conversion experience requires transition.

In fact every level we experience in God requires emotional, mental and spiritual adjustments. If we are going to embrace the will of God then we must also embrace everything that comes with it.

The children of Israel mismanaged their change and as a result they had a very difficult time leaving Egypt behind. They made the physical adjustments but their minds and hearts were not ready to leave their comfort zone.

Egypt was safe because it was all they knew. Though it was not God’s best for them they preferred to remain with the known by avoiding the challenge and likely trauma of separation. The Israelites delayed their deliverance because they wanted to venture into the new by holding unto their past.

As you reflect today I want you to keep this at the centre of your mind. God wants to release you into newness. He wants to deliver you from some things so you can be delivered into a new place in your life. When you get there you will be able to deliver up everything he has deposited in you.

Regardless of what you may be facing; with God on your side you can rise to newness of life. It may not mean that your situation will immediately change but what it will mean is that your perspective will be change and your mind will be renewed.