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not my will


I had this book in my posession for a few years, but a few months ago I decided to read it.

The resaon I share this book with you is because it is worth reading.

This edition was published in 1946 by the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago.

The author is Francena H. Arnold.

From beginning to end, this book is very captivating. It's a fiction novel and I would say it's a great read.

It practically shows the love, mercy and grace of God leading to restoration of joy, peace and love shared through people who trusted in God.

If you are search for a good christian, faith building novel, I recommend this book "Not My Will" to you.

Headstrong Eleanor Stwart discovers that strange mishaps cross the paths of those who try to manage their lives to please themselves.

Grief and despair drive this willful young heiress to seek peace in work, in love, in self-denial -- but her quest is in vain until she surrenders her life completely to Jesus Christ.

Gradually she learns to claim strength and grace to tread the way in which Christ leads---even though her trials have not ended.

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