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Do you know your area of influence? Do you know the people God has called you to reach? What area in society are you to use your calling, your anointing, to make a change?

Stepping out on faith and building an organization that can, and will change lives, is no short order. Staying where you are can sometimes feel like the easiest thing to do. It’s familiar territory.

However, what you feel and what God needs are two totally different things. Do you remember Moses? You know Moses, the Prince turned Sheppard, turned leader to a group of ungrateful, stiff-necked, idol loving individuals. Yes, him.

I love his story because it shows how God can and will use an individual to do great things, things that they couldn’t even think of, as long as they trust Him and obey His commands.

Think you’re the only one that has cold feet about branching out and doing something beyond your scope of expertise, knowledge or understanding? Well, let’s briefly look at Moses’ life a little deeper.

Moses spent 40 years in familiar territory in the area of Midian. When God made Himself known through the burning bush and called Moses to lead the Israelites, he fought “tooth and nail to avoid leaving his comfort zone.”

God became a bit peeved at Moses reluctance because after all, God being The Almighty was promising to send His power and presence with Moses to help him with the task He had already pre-ordained for him and Moses didn’t seem to get it. All He saw was impossibility and doubt.

But guess what? It was still up to Moses to make the decision to take the risk; to not allow his mind and his emotions to take control of his destiny, and to step

out and take that extremely large leap of faith.

And you know what? God has given you that same option! God will give you and provide for you every supernatural resource that will be necessary to increase and expand your area of influence. However, you are the one that has to decide whether you will stay in the familiar or break out into the unknown and trust Him.

Let’s talk about your area of influence (your territory). What area are you called to: Government, Family, Media, Education, Entertainment, Religion or Business/Finance?

How are you supposed to change that sphere? What has God shown you that you can do to answer a societal problem? Do you ever wonder how you will be able to tackle that monumental task of change? Here’s how, He will “enlarge your territory.”

Enlarge your Territory

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