Chronicles101: Your Caribbean Christian Magazine March/April/May 2013 - Page 28

The prayers of the saints all over the world went up to the Lord as a memorial on my behalf. The strong support of my grand mother -Sarah Harper, my mother - Norah Harper (Pam), my sister-Alicia South, my big cousin -Myrna McNamee & the entire family, my close friends all ferried me through this desert phase. God in His time answered and extended His hand to crush the hand of the enemy and silence the edict pronounced against my existence. The powerful name of Jesus broke the spirit of witchcraft and the curse of death that was over my life!

One faithful Friday night, my mom brought me straight from the hospital to church, The Temple of Restoration (515 Dean Street Brooklyn New York.) There, God was pleased to use the committed, anointed and humble Pastors and servants. He heeded the beckon of His name as they called upon Him on my behalf, to usher in the complete manifestation of my healing deliverance.

Through a series of fervent deliverance prayers, resolute faith, sheer determination and perseverance,and in what seemed to be gazillion manifestation sessions, the savage demons that were assigned to kill me all admitted defeat to the powerful name of Jesus! Jesus broke the curse of death and witchcraft from over my life! Today, this assignment is utterly destroyed!

Within the absence of fear, perseverance and determination fueled my limp frame and

saturated my spirit. I knew I was in a battle and so I had to fight and remain resolute in my belief.

I fought for the fulfillment of God’s destiny and contendedfor the

fruition of his promises in my life. Even in my lowest moments

believed in the power of God and trusted that He was going to

come through for me, irrespective of how dismal it seemed in the



My entire being is now transformed and renewed. I don’t need the assistance of a wheelchair anymore, I don’t need heart monitors anymore, I don’t need feeding

tubes, and I don’t need those pampers or medications anymore!

I can eat and digest anything I desire. I am jumping and leaping and praising God. All the symptoms and the source of this illness are eternally rebuked.

An undoubtedly, the plan of the enemy has been destroyed!

My organs had no choice but to listen to the voice of its creator. Gods’ voice commanded the normality oftheirfunction. My bones became strengthened, my blood became purified, my skin and digestive system and organs surrendered in agreement to the work on the cross.


Chronicles101: Your Caribbean Christian Magazine