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Glacia Robinson

The Testimony Of Gospel Minister


Exhausting the medical resources in Jamaica W.I.,I moved from one hospital to another and tried various medicines.I did countless tests and yet all results were negative. Consequently the doctors were unable to diagnose my condition.

The effects of the mean sickness made me so weak that I was unable to walk on my own.

I was confined to the assistance of a wheelchair.

I became as though imprisoned, stitched to the confines of one too many hospital beds. My body was a heated battle ground; knuckled beneath the lash of agony’s whip; like a cruel scavenger, the sharp teeth of pain mauled my existence. It got to the point where I was incontinent and dependent on disposable diapers (Pampers).

Plagued by symptoms such as uncontrollable vomiting, ravenous seizures, internal bleeding, hemorrhaging,fainting spells, countless falls, diarrhea, sky rocketing fevers, swellings, excruciating pain, and other unmentionables, the shadow of death mirrored my every move.

Chronicles101: Your Caribbean Christian Magazine

Acquainted with the intensity of life’s trails, I was gravely ill for the period of five and a half (5 ½)

years. Riddled by the bullets of isolation; I became a stranger to the face of the sun. The hospitals in Jamaica WI and USA were a second home for me.

Abandoned by my once successful life of ministry and music, stripped of the gift of my independence, totally helpless,my health rapidly declined and felt as though I was dead but alive to watch.

Glacia Robinson

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