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In terms of dealing with peer pressure, how did you deal with this?

In all honesty, I didn’t have that much. Because of who my father was, there weren’t a lot of people who pressure me to do stuff. They didn’t have to answer to me, they would have to answer to him. I already knew what my mother and my father stood for so basically peer pressure was like I can’t do this because my parents wouldn’t like this.

As a teenager, when I started to understand a lot of things. It was basically my choice because I had this foundation where I knew who I was. At the age of ten I made the choice to accept Christ as my Savior. I made the decision to become baptized. I made the decision that I am gonna like this Christian life. At an early age, I already knew who I really was.

So at that time it was so much about pressure, it was like “don’t ask Mono to do this because she wouldn’t do it”. So I didn’t really have this big deal of peer pressure. It was there at times, but people just knew enough to know that you don’t ask her to do that because she’s not going to do it.

In Society today, young people are faced with different challenges. Some parents become slacker from the time you were going up. What advice would you give to a young Christian individual who would find themselves in a similar position as you who parents are saved or not saved?

You have to know the word. Many people don’t think that it is important but when you know certain things it more that you fear God than fear parents. Not fear as in afraid like how we were taught that he is good, he’s such a God up in heaven with a big stick. But know that he is not pleased with what you are doing and you ought to be a different example.

I would say and I guess a lot of parents are responsible for the lives their children are leading now. Because the bible did say to train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. You are responsible, when God gives you that gift of a young child, you are responsible for molding.

We know that it is “nature versus nuture” but you (the parent) have the nurture part where you are responsible to instill certain things, certain disciplines, (and) certain ideologies in him that will take him throughout his life. Not only make him a good individual but a good citizen of the world.

I would encourage the (young), it’s not always easy to make the right choice but as an individual who consciously felt the toughing of the Holy Spirit, who consciously choose to be saved, who consciously choose to get water baptised, that symbolizes that I'm a different person. A peculiar person, a separated person, I am called out from this generation.

You have to continue with the mind set , yes there are going to be obstacles. David said in the word, “anything that I want if it does not cost me anything I don’t want it”, and I think he was paying from the tabernacle to abide in a certain place and the man wanted to give him free.

To the young people, Christianity is gonna cost you something, it’s gonna cost you either your family, friends, relationships.

You are not weird but just different in a good way.

What work do you do?

It’s a bit eclectic.

I have many hats. I do Medical Secretary, I’m administrative Assistant.

In America, you really have to work. Some people see it as the land of opportunity.

It’s a land of opportunity but you have to work to get that opportunity. Especially now with the Economy.

I wear many hats.


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