Chronicles101: Your Caribbean Christian Magazine March/April/May 2013 - Page 11

Chronicle 101



Give us a little background about yourself.

My Name is Monodel Ollivierre. I am originally from Bequia. I was born and breed in Bequia. My Father is Bishop Devon Ollivierre, he was also the Principal of the Paget Farm Primary School.

I was brought up in the Spiritual Baptist Church that’s where my roots, my knowledge and my love for God came. I have known nothing else but God and serving him and why I serve him is because (he’s been) from a tender age as the book of Jeremiah says before I knew you, I called you.

According to my mother my birth was paralleled (like) that of Samuel as Hannah she couldn’t really conceive and she petitioned God for a child and his answer was me. So my name Monodel, means “one of thee”, that how I came into being.

I got saved at the age of ten and I’ve been saved every since. It has not always been easy. I’ve dealt with my share of being the odd person out, in that I was the only one of my friends that had been saved and when everybody else is going out I have to go to church. So that’s basically how it was.

I was a former teacher, I migrated to the United States in 2003, my parents & I were singing before I could even talk, I don’t know how that was possible. Professionally singing, I started singing in 2011 when I launched the first album “I will praise you”.

That’s a little bit about me and how I got to where I am now.

Being the first child for your parents, and knowing your mom had petitioned God for you, what was it like for you, growing up in your community having individuials looking up to you?

Back then, I didn't think of it as looking up, now I can say that because it's being expressed now that people look at you and they see you in a certain way, that you may not even see yourself. You're just basically living your life.

Growing up I always had to be in church, that was mandated, there was no arguement about that. As a child I didn't always appreciate that I had to be in church, but as a grown up certain things that I learnt as a child stuck. That's why the Bible says, Train up a child in the way he or she should go, so that when they get to the place where I'm no longer with my parents I now have to make my own decisions and I can because of the word and the teaching that was placed in me.

My father has always been respected in the society.

I knew that there we certain things as a 'pk', pastor's kid, that I could do. There were certain place when my friend's invited me, I couldn't go as much as I wanted to go at that time. There were certain things I couldn't say and certain positions I couldn't be found in as a pk.

When I became saved, as a christian, it was always bascially, that you are different. Not different weird but you are not doing what everybody else is doing, you don't go to carnival, and be seen doing certain things. So I wouldn't say looking up to, but just knowing that you are different.