Christmas Sale Event Catalog 2018 11 November Christmas - Regular - Page 4

my christmas | gifts Glass Ornaments A classic holiday ornament is printed with a Scripture verse in the look of black ink. 4" (Lighthouse Christian Products) $14.99 each 667665123699 667665122845 667665122869 Tree Ornaments Share the joy of Christmas with these tree ornaments that also make creative gift toppers. 5" (Lighthouse Christian Products) $4.99 each 667665123675 Every year on our Christmas tree, we hang a nail for all to see. A reminder of the nails of the manger where the Christ Child lay, and of those piercing His body as life drained away. A reminder of love in the green of the tree, the greatest gift that was given to you and me. Hanging brightly from its little red cord, the story of Jesus, our Savior, our Lord. 667665123682 2"×3¼" 785525295000 $3.50 7" 785525063852 $43.99 5 ⁄ 8 "×4¼" 785525294782 $15.50 6¾" 785525294744 $22.00 5 4 • Christmas Sale Christmas at Home Prepare your home for the miracle of the season with an Advent wreath, nativity scene, ornament, gift tags and spoon rest. (CA & Abbey Gift)