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Christmas COCKTAIL CANDLES Make your holiday glow with our scented cocktail candles without ever opening a bottle! F G I J H K ENJOY A VARIETY OF WINE & COCKTAIL SCENTS New! Holiday Wine Scented Candles There’s nothing quite like the bouquet of a good wine in the spirit of Christmas. You can enjoy the various blend of special red and white wine without having to secure a designated driver. Burn time: up to 40 hours. Soy blend wax in a glass container. Each is: 3" x 3" x 5" high. F • White Cranberry 12010882 $12.95 G • Mulled Wine 12010884 $12.95 H • Wine & Pine 12010883 $12.95 New! Holiday Cocktail Highball Candles Light these candles for the classic scent of holiday cocktails without taking a sip. Choose from classic eggnog rum to winter cosmo to cranberry cider. Each is 6.5 oz. with burn time of up to 33 hours. Soy blend wax in a glass container. Each is: 2¼" x 2 " x 5¾" high. L • New! Holiday Cocktail Shot Glass Candle Trio This 3 piece shot glass L Set candle flight has the looks and the scents to bring the holiday delights without taking a sip. The Cranberry Cider Sparkler scent features a vibrant blend of cranberry sparkled with cheerful lemon and gin. The winter white cosmo cocktail features white cranberry, tangerine and lime infused with sweet jasmine and violet accord. An eggnog cocktail features creamy vanilla and nutmeg blend to perfection with cinnamon rum. Burn time: up to 10 hours, per candle. Glass and Soy blend wax. Set: 5¾" x 2¼" x 4¼" high. 12010885 Set $14.50 I • Eggnog & Rum 12010887 $9.95 J • Winter White Cosmo 12010888 $9.95 K • Cranberry Cider 12010886 $9.95 21