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great gift ideas... FOR HIM Deck out his “man cave” with clever gift ideas, from crafted ale scented candles and bottle openers, to phone accessories and more! A C B D ENJOY YOUR FAVORITE CRAFT BREW BRIGHT IDEA Amplify sound anywhere you go! Makes a fun gift. New! Craft Beer Scented Candles F G E Enjoy your favorite brew scented candles and skip the calories! Choose from Amber Lager which offers a malt and hops-centered scent. The Pale Ale offers a nutmeg and orange-centered scent. Mocha Stout offers a coffee and chocolate- centered scent, while the Blood Orange Ipa offers a blood orange-centered scent. Burn time: up to 50 hours. Soy blend wax in a glass container. 2¾" x 2¾" x 5" high. A • Hazelnut Pale Ale B • Mocha Stout C • Amber Lager D • Blood Orange Ipa 18 12010873 12010874 12010872 12010875 $12.95 $12.95 $12.95 $12.95 Boom Bowls Turn up the volume and play your favorite music in style! These Boom Bowls amplify sound from your cell phone or MP3 player by more than 15 decibels and the quality is crystal clear. They are portable, require no power, and are compatible with most cell phones. You simply place your device inside the bowl and the sound is amplified. You’ll be amazed by the incredible difference these make. Ceramic. Phone not included. Each is 5" x 5" x 4½" high. E • New! French Blue 12010880 $9.95 F • New! Matte Silver 12010881 $9.95 G • Black 12010643 $9.95