Christian Review Magazine Issue 3 - March 2015 - Page 79

THE REMAINING (Graphic Novel) by Casey La Scala, Roland Mann, Kyle Hotz Kingstone Comics - Chiller/End-time - Available Now Reviewed by Christian St John The Remaining is sure making the rounds right now. First there was the intense, pulse pounding movie. Then came the chilling novel adaptation by Travis Thrasher. And now comes the graphic novel. First things first, I really dig the story of The Remaining. Whether the novel or the movie or this graphic novel, I just love how Casey La Scala (the movie’s writer/director) put such a great spin and let his imagination run wild with regards to the end of days. And while I have enjoyed all the media formats The Remaining has appeared in, in many ways I preferred this graphic novel to the novel and the movie. Why? Because like a movie you can see the action taking place, and like the novel you can slow down and really ponder all the intricate elements of the story. In short, this graphic novel is the best of both worlds. The artwork throughout is superb and really captures the tension of the story. I also liked how the artists depicted the demon creatures… yes you actually get to see them up close and for as long as you like, unlike the movie where the imagery was fast and chaotic. A great addition to The Remaining franchise which leaves me wanting to read more graphic novels by Kingstone Comics! THE GIFT GOD WANTS by Lenae Litzinger Self Published - Devotional - Available Now Reviewed by Christian St John Lenae grew up as a self described “self-righteous and judgmental young woman.” She placed pressure on herself to try and be perfect and follow the “rules” to the letter, and yet she found no peace or joy or comfort in living this way. Instead she was plagued with stress, fear, and always falling short. And it would be years before she learned that to find true joy and peace, she would have to surrender all to God. Surrender is the main theme running throughout The Gift God Wants. The book is broken down into five sections “Let Go and Let God”, “Storms and Brokenness”, “Prayer”, “Worship”, and Heaven Focused”. Each of these sections contains five devotionals designed to help the reader understand what true surrender looks like, and not in huge amounts of information, but in bite sized chunks. There are also Scripture meditations listed at the end of each devotion, which I thought was a nice touch. This is a great little book that would be useful to those people who desire to know God more and surrender all to him. The book itself is well written and Lenae isn’t afraid to be totally honest while sharing some of the life changing events that transpired in her own life in a bid to help others. CHRISTIANREVIE \