Christian Review Magazine Issue 3 - March 2015 - Page 77

WRESTLING FOR MY LIFE by Shawn Michaels Zondervan - Autobiography - Available Now Reviewed by Christian St John Shawn Michaels is best known for his career as a WWE superstar. But what a lot of people may not know is that Michaels is a Christian with an all or nothing faith. Wrestling For My Life takes the reader on a behind the scenes look at the man and his career as a pro WWE performer and details how a solid faith in Jesus saved him from a life of addiction and hopelessness. With a changed outlook on life, Michaels began the long and often painful journey of allowing God to help define his character. Peppered with true and often candid stories of wrestling and hunting (retired from wrestling, Michaels now stars in a TV hunting show), Michaels openly shares about his faith, joys, frustrations, and hopes. And he repeatedly does this by relating valuable truths he learned while wrestling. Wrestling For My Life is a great read. It’s not a deep theological work. Instead it is a down to earth book that is told in a very down to earth fashion. Fans of WWE wrestling (especially Christian fans) will no doubt enjoy what Michaels has to share about his faith and all the wrestling stories this book contains. THE DISRUPTIVE MESSIAH by Ken Ruggles Deep River Books - Biblical - Available Now Reviewed by Christian St John Jesus - the most famous person who has ever walked this planet. But how much do we really know about him? We read of his life (and death and resurrection) in Scripture, but do we get who he really is and why he came? In The Disruptive Messiah, Ken Ruggles takes a look at Jesus and his life as recorded in the Bible and suggests that Jesus literally disrupted the lives of everyone he came into contact with. Using Scripture as his foundation, Ruggles sets out to show how Jesus challenged the lives of all those he met, and how his words and actions cut to the very heart of every matter. Oftentimes, we are all guilty of treating God like a genie or magic 8 ball, instead of the Holy One. We want Jesus to fit in and around our lives, and not disturb the comfort bubble we ha ٔ