Christian Review Magazine Issue 3 - March 2015 - Page 65

MUSIC REVIEW In addition to being a musician, Kevin is also an actor, having most recently Appearing in AS DREAMERS DO (2014) F Artist: KEVIN MAX Album: BROKEN TEMPLES Rating: Genre: rom an original member of the ever-popular group dc-Talk, to solo artist, to Audio Adrenaline lead vocalist, Kevin Max has gone back to being a solo artist. And his latest solo release is Broken Temples. Be forewarned - the songs contained on this album will get stuck in your head. They are super catchy, with infectious melodies, memorable lyrics, and pop hooks that won't easily be forgotten. After just a few listens, this reviewer couldn’t stop from constantly humming the tunes on Broken Temples. Pop-Rock, Alternative Rock For Fans Of: dcTalk, Audio Adrenaline, Newsboys Label: Motion Records Reviewed by: Leah St John Release Date: March 10, 2015 For the most part, Broken Temples sounds less like Kevin Max’s previous solo efforts, and more like Audio Adrenaline’s last album, Kings & Queens (2013), which featured Kevin Max as the lead vocalist. This makes me wonder how much Audio Adrenaline influenced Kevin Max’s musical style - or vice versa. Regardless, the similarities only aid in creating a more mainstream sound than his previous - and more experimental - releases of years past. And I strongly believe that Kevin Max’s recently discovered pop-rock sound will only serve to give his music a broader reach. Upbeat pop-rock anthems, Kevin Max’s instantly recognizable and unique vocals, and well written lyrics come together to form a great solo-release from Kevin Max. And though it is vastly different to his previous solo efforts, Broken Temples proves to be Kevin Max’s biggest and boldest solo release to date! The lyrics convey that though we are all broken and imperfect, having God’s presence and abounding love and grace in our lives can provide us with acceptance, healing, and purpose. While it doesn’t really sound anything like Kevin Max’s more experimental albums of years past, Broken Temples sees him embracing a more mainstream sound to get across the message he wants to share with listeners. CHRISTIANREVIEW.COM > 65