Christian Review Magazine Issue 3 - March 2015 - Page 64

MUSIC REVIEW Check out our exclusive Interview with Hawk Nelson bassist, Dan biro ver since their debut studio release Letters to the President (2004), Hawk Nelson have notably grown and progressed with each subsequent release. And their continuing evolution is evident on their seventh studio release Diamonds, their sophomore album with Jonathan Steingard as their lead vocalist. E anthems that you will want to replay again and again. A pop-rock release from Hawk Nelson, Diamonds is a great album which emits a lively and upbeat vibe, with fantastic lyrics to-boot. Fans of mainstream pop will LOVE Diamonds (at least I did!). It is a piece of contemporary pop perfection, which exudes a sound that fans of both mainstream and Christian pop alike will instantly fall in love with. And while Diamonds contains some awesome musicality, the album also presents encouraging, thoughtful and honest lyrics, which listeners will be able to easily identify with. The lyrics focus on the un