Christian Review Magazine Issue 3 - March 2015 - Page 60

MUSIC REVIEW Click here to read an article on The Brilliance Artist: THE BRILLIANCE A collaboration between musicians David Gungor and John Arndt, The Brilliance is a contemporary classical worship band. Brother is the duo’s most recent full-length studio release. Album: BROTHER Rating: Genre: Singer-songwriter, Worship, Contemporary Classical For Fans Of: Jon Foreman, Dustin Kensrue, Sarah Brusco, Tenth Avenue North Label: With the first lyrics on this album being, “when I look into the face of my enemy, I see my brother”, you know that this is either going to an album with a fantastic opening track followed by a string of so-so tracks, or an album comprised of genuinely magnificent songs. Thankfully, Brother is the latter. In few words, is a beautifully quiet masterpiece. Integrity Music Reviewed by: Leah St John Release Date: Out Now 60 > CHRISTIAN REVIEW MAGAZINE Primarily driven by piano, string arrangements, and emotive vocals, Brother is for the most part a tranquil album. At times, these tranquil pieces build up to some more intense moments - every so often, some of the songs threaten to cross the line into indie rock. All in all, the music on Brother bears an intimate atmosphere, and the music serves to set a hauntingly beautiful and bittersweet atmosphere. Brother contains a collection of authentic and expressive songs, with genuine lyrical depth. Throughout, a distinct talent for music is displayed, and passion for Jesus Christ and His teachings are relayed. With their haunting nature and deeply stirring aesthetic experience, I would say that Brother contains some of the best contemporary hymns I have heard in a long while. With Brother, David Gungor and John Arndt have produced a brilliantly crafted and thought provoking album. The kind of release that only comes along once in a while, Brother is an album that definitely stands out from the rest in the modern worship scene.