Christian Review Magazine Issue 3 - March 2015 - Page 59

MUSIC Click here to read an article on I AM THEY REVIEW Artist: I AM THEY Album: I AM THEY Rating: Genre: Worship, Folk Worship For Fans Of: Casting Crowns, Rend Collective, David Crowder Band Label: Essential Reviewed by: Leah St John Release Date: Out Now C omprised of six talented musicians, I AM THEY is an up and-coming worship group signed to Provident Label Group. Their self-titled debut release presents listeners with a folk infused worship experience. One of the first things I noticed when I listed to I AM THEY’s debut release is that it is notably void of the synth and dance beats that so many worship artists seem to favor these day - not that that's a bad thing. Instead, I AM THEY have chosen to take a more organic approach to worship, utilizing musical elements such as acoustic guitars, pounding percussion, strings, and keys as the framework for their folk influenced worship musical style. Some tracks are more upbeat in nature, while others offer quieter moments of contemplative worship. The whole album exudes an unpretentious, intimate, and peaceful atmosphere. Additionally, you can tell from the quality and delivery of the songs on this album, that they are musicians passionate about music, and believers passionate about God. With inspirational lyrics that unashamedly express adoration and praise for God, this album comes across as an honest and down-to-earth release. The songs really do make you want to worship, and draw closer to God - I AM THEY's debut release truly presents listeners with an opportunity to have a personal worship experience. Bearing some similarities to renowned worship acts such as Casting Crowns, Rend Collective, and the David Crowder Band, but certainly not without their own merits, I AM THEY’s self-titled debut is sure to leave a mark on the hearts and minds of worshippers everywhere. CHRISTIANREVIEW.COM > 59