Christian Review Magazine Issue 3 - March 2015 - Page 58

Inspire Church has 3 locations on Oahu, Hawaii, one in manilla, Philippines, and church online MUSIC REVIEW nspire Music was birthed out of Inspire Church on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Mixing traditional worship with upbeat dance and even rock, Inspire Music have recorded ten of their songs for their debut album simply entitled, Inspire. I Artist: INSPIRE MUSIC Album: INSPIRE Rating: Genre: Dance Worship, Pop Worship, CCM Worship For Fans Of: Hillsong Young & Free, Hillsong United, Ian Yates, Covenant Worship Label: Dream Records Reviewed by: Christian St John Release Date: Out Now 58 > CHRISTIAN REVIEW MAGAZINE The album opens with the dance worship track aptly titled “Dance Dance”, and right away the Inspire worship team declares, “We’re gonna dance, dance, dance. We’re gonna love, love, love.” From this track, I thought the entire album was going to be a dance worship album in the vein of Hillsong Young & Free. And while four of the ten tracks come fully loaded with synth and bass heavy dance beats, there are also six tracks that would fall somewhere into Hillsong United and even Chris Tomlin territory. Needless to say, Inspire is a bit of a mixed bag. On the one hand you have some great (and catchy) dance tunes featuring some excellent vocals and interesting melodies, whilst on the other hand you have several guitar driven tracks, and even a couple of power ballads. I do like it when worship teams mix things up, especially live. But I can’t help but think the Inspire team might have been better off releasing two separate EP’s, as not everyone likes dance and vice versa. As it stands, I like Inspire. It has some great melodies, Christ-centered lyrics, and the music is solid and well played. However, because of the diversity of the music the band employs, it did feel a little disjointed at times. Don’t get me wrong, the dance tracks are well played and produced, as are the rest of the songs. It’s just they are are two vastly different music styles that very rarely mix well. And because of this, Inspire simply ended up sounding like a various artist mix rather than one band playing all the songs. With all that said, I will still give the album 4 stars, as I would have given 4 stars to each of the two EP’s had Inspire Music decided to release the songs that way.