Christian Review Magazine Issue 3 - March 2015 - Page 56

MUSIC REVIEW Sarah was a highly respected worship leader & Kathryn Scott's intern in Northern Ireland. Artist: SARAH BRUSCO first heard about Sarah Brusco at the tail end of last year (2014). Her debut album, The Woven Whisper, was suggested to me by a friend, and since then I have listened to it quite a few times. I Album: THE WOVEN WHISPER Rating: Genre: Alternative Worship For Fans Of: Katheryn Scott, The Brillance, Misty Edwards Label: Sarah Brusco Music Reviewed by: Christian St John Release Date: Out Now 56 > CHRISTIAN REVIEW MAGAZINE I suppose if I had to label Sarah’s music I would have to say that’s it’s essentially worship. But there is all kinds of worship traditional, folk, rock, and now dance. And just labeling something worship doesn’t tell potential listeners what an album sounds like. So here goes… When she sings, Sarah Brusco has a beautiful voice. And her voice on the more traditional worship songs on the album reminded me of the works of Kathryn Scott. But the majority of the songs on The Woven Whisper are anything but traditional. Sarah Brusco has produced a set of worship songs that can best be described as organic worship - worship that’s stripped of most of the modern sounds and music styles we have become accustomed to in our worship tunes. But it’s more than that as Sarah has also created an original work of art that I would personally describe as ethereal haunting layered “breathy” vocals sway and soar over the music. Though the songs on this album are not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, The Woven Whisper is an alternative worship album by an artist worth keeping your eyes on. A hybrid of traditional and experimental worship with haunting vocal melodies reminiscent of Enya, The Woven Whisper is a great debut release. On her website Sarah Brusco describes herself as “…a creator of space. Space to contemplate. Space to Worship.” And if I’m honest, that’s just what she has “created” on The Woven Whisper.