Christian Review Magazine Issue 3 - March 2015 - Page 53

MUSIC REVIEW Click here to read our exclusive interview with Jon Micah Sumrall Artist: JON MICAH SUMRALL Album: FAITH & FAMILY Rating: Genre: Worship, Singer Songwriter, Country For Fans Of: Scott MacIntyre, Steven Curtis Chapman, Third Day Label: BEC Recordings Reviewed by: Christian St John Release Date: Out Now M any people will know Jon Micah Sumrall from his day job as the lead singer for the Christian rock band, Kutless. A very different album from anything Kutless has released, Faith & Family is Sumrall’s debut solo effort. Written over a number of years, the songs on Faith & Family are a personal collection of songs (the songs are literally about faith and family… moreover his faith & family) making this album feel very intimate. Jon Micah Sumrall’s work with Kutless is very different; Kutless are an out and out rock band that power through songs with blazing guitars, soaring vocals, thundering bass, and pounding drums. And none of that is to be found on Faith & Family. Instead Faith & Family is singer songwriter in style with a slight country vibe. Musically this is a lot lighter than anything Kutless have released including their worship albums. For those expecting Kutless 2.0, there is a notable absence of electric guitar and all of the songs on this album are piano or acoustic guitar driven. Every track on Faith & Family is well written and played. Standout tracks include “Soul On Fire”, which reminded me somewhat of something Steven Curtis Chapman may have written, and “King & Savior” which is about as close to a Kutless track as you will get on this album. As a comparison think highway and old country back road - Kutless’ music is oftentimes intense and heavy and a good choice for highway driving music, whereas Sumrall’s solo release is a much more quieter and mellow offering, and perfect for those times when you just feel like taking a jaunt through some old country back roads. CHRISTIANREVIEW.COM > 53