Christian Review Magazine Issue 3 - March 2015 - Page 48

the BRILLIANCE A rt—in any form—is meant to be savored, experienced and relished. David Gungor and John Arndt, known as liturgical band The Brilliance, craft music with this belief in mind, giving listeners time and space to fully soak in the beauty that lies in every lyric and sonic nuance. This is true for their independent projects, including four albums and two EPs, as well as their new full-length album Brother, released with Integrity Music. It’s an 48 > CHRISTIAN REVIEW MAGAZINE appropriate title, considering the two men have shared a brotherly bond since childhood, tracing their families’ relationship back to the 70s when their fathers played together in a wedding band. And following in their father’s footsteps, David and John have played together in a variety of bands throughout the years, including time spent playing in Gungor, a band fronted by David’s brother, Michael. Their latest collaboration began a few years back when David, then leading worship at a church in Tulsa, wanted to craft original music written around the liturgical calendar for his congregation. He sent some ideas to John, who was living in Austin at the time. From there, the two began creating and recording under the moniker of The Brilliance. Since then, David, who is now at Trinity Grace Church in New York City, and John, who now resides in Chicago, have