Christian Review Magazine Issue 3 - March 2015 - Page 47

Photo: David Molnar NELSON CR: Did you collaborate with any other artists while writing/recording "Diamonds"? DB: Jon has done a phenomenal job writing for Diamonds. He's really fine tuning his abilities in songwriting AND producing. I'm really proud of him as I've always believed he had it in him. He did get to collaborate with lots of other greats - Sam Tinnesz, Jordan from The Afters, Jason Ingram, Micah Kuiper and more. A strong team for sure. CR: Hawk Nelson tours a lot and plays a good number of festivals. What's one of your funniest memories from a particular show? DB: As I'm writing this, I'm headed to a Fair in Florida that we're playing tonight. It'll be the first show that new drummer David and I play together. The funny thing is, we did the photo shoot for Diamonds 2 weeks ago, and on set we were introduced. I was like "hey man, so we're in a band together! Let's get some pics and maybe soon we'll get to play some music?" I've heard great things about his musical abilities, but only tonight do I see how we gel on stage. Can't wait to see what's in store. CR: Other than the release of "Diamonds" on March 17, what's in the future for Hawk Nelson? Any major tours or other projects planned? DB: Diamonds has been our focus for the last year - all the energy and prayers, hard work and stress. It's definitely been worth it when I hear back people's impressions of it. My prayer is that God opens up the right opportunities for Hawk Nelson, His plans are always the best. Let's see what He has in store. Check out our review of Hawk Nelson’s new album DIAMONDS CHRISTIANREVIEW.COM > 47