Christian Review Magazine Issue 3 - March 2015 - Page 46

HAWK N Hawk Nelson has a new album, Diamonds, due to be released March 17 and recently we got the chance to have a chat with bassist, Daniel Biro. Christian Review (CR): Over the years, Hawk Nelson has notably evolved in it's sound and style. Was this change in direction intentional, or did it just happen over time? Daniel Biro (DB): I actually think this is one of the highest compliments an artist / band can receive. I loved certain bands growing up, but they failed to grow and mature along with my life, so I lost interest. Hawk Nelson has broke out of it's own mold, and definitely on 46 > CHRISTIAN REVIEW MAGAZINE Diamonds is pushing into new sonic territory. CR: What kind of music do you enjoy listening to? Favorite bands/artists? DB: I'm the old guy in the band who enjoys "chill" music. Folk / indie mixes, acoustically driven. I still love the sounds of real instruments. Sometimes after a gig when I land back in Toronto, I play the Classical station on my 2 hour drive home. Definitely not the hippest cat in the band, but I still love how music can move us all. CR: Is there a story or message behind the title of your new album "Diamonds"? DB: I love how this life is a journey, not a destination. We're all traveling this road, figuring out who we are and who God is helping us to become. Similarity, Diamonds start out as pieces of coal, formed over time and pressure - sounds a lot like life to me. CR: Does the album have an overall theme, or do all of the songs cover different topics? DB: Different topics - but an upbeat, uplifting and celebratory theme. No downers here, this album reflects on the hope and excitement of it all. Something I think we all need to hear more.